Boutique video production company focused on creative quality for our clients and integrity for our industry

A core team of producers and creatives run our day to day operations. We write, perform, direct, edit and produce through the line, reveling in all that this industry has to offer.

On a job specific basis we employ talent from our trusted pool of professional and butt-kicking freelancers. We match them to the specific needs of your project – we’re not fitting your job to our salaried staff and we get to use the best of the best out there. Freelancers work with multiple people, gaining a variety of insights and skills they wouldn’t get from a single employer. We know this to be true because we’re from freelance backgrounds too.

We work to create jobs, open doors and opportunities to up-skill amongst each other. We are grateful to our partners and clients who allow us the privilege to employ people who are top of their game and to develop those who are on their way up.

We’re proudly part of building a sustainable and meaningful industry in South Africa where creatives and techies can make a living off their professional work


Executive Producer

Key Characteristics
People person, techie,
can get a performance out of a stone.

Pete’s directing prowess probably comes from his early days as an actor, dreading every moment in front of the camera.
He works now to put his actors and clients at ease, always with his characteristic warmth and positivity. A techie geek, he loves the amount of learning that happens with the right crew and equipment . He’s won a bunch of awards for his commercials and TV productions. This all means that a 9mm product is something we’re “SupaPete” proud of.
Check out some of his Directing work here.


Key Characteristics
Organised, no nonsense,
spreadsheet queen.

Palesa is AFDA qualified and we knew 9mm needed her when her name kept coming up as “one to watch” from the prestigious M-Net Magic In Motion Film and Television Academy programme.
She joined our team at the start of 2017 and keeps everything running smoothly.
Her unparalleled work ethic and attention to detail mean that the midnight oil is always burnt for our clients.

Creative Director,
Copywriter, Scriptwriter

Key Characteristics
Idea engine, task juggler,

Robyn is a quintessential industry slasher – actress /writer/producer/voice artist/creative.
She is professionally trained as an actress from UCT, with honors in English.
At 9mm she spends her time making sure our clients and their campaigns say what they need to say in the best possible way.
She is a yes person to the core